Marine/ Air Cargo Loss/ Damage Surveys

Marine/ Air Cargo Loss/ Damage Surveys by Malayan International Marine Consultants
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Marine/ Air Cargo Loss/ Damage Surveys

Marine and air cargo loss or damage surveys are conducted to assess and ascertain the extent of damage or loss sustained during the transport of goods by sea or air. This may include but not limited to Conventional Cargo Damage, Containerized Cargo Damage, Air Cargo Damage and Reefer Cargo Damage

The objectives are to;

Identifying the cause, nature and extent of the damage or loss​
Evaluating the damage or loss in monetary terms​
Providing recommendations for minimizing future losses or damage
Assisting Insurer in determining the extent of liability and compensation payable

We Provide The Best Service In Industry​​

Looking for expert assistance in assessing and minimizing cargo losses or damages during transport by sea or air? Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to identifying the cause, nature, and extent of any damage or loss, evaluating it in monetary terms, and providing recommendations for the future. Contact us today to learn more!

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