Marine Technical Surveys

Marine Technical Surveys by Malayan International Marine Consultants Sdn Bhd (MIMC)
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Marine Technical Surveys

Marine technical surveys are performed to evaluate the technical condition and safety of ships and other marine structures, including offshore platforms and floating storage units. Apart from that, we also conduct risk assessment on the terminal and shipyard in order to assess the risk and provide mitigating measures to our clients. This survey may include on/ off hire general condition survey, stowage, towage & lashing approval, draught surveys, stability valuation, pre-purchase survey, valuation survey and decommissioning of rigs.

The objectives are to;

Assessing the structural and mechanical condition of the vessel or marine structure
Verifying compliance with applicable safety and regulatory standards
Identifying any deficiencies or potential safety hazards
Providing recommendations for repairs or improvements
Assisting with risk assessments and risk management

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